Mobile version is back in the game

Feed Viewer for iPhone has been in the App Store for six months now. The development took over three years. It is almost unbelievable until you realize how complex current mobile apps must be. The goal was simple. The app for iOS must be at least as good as the version for Windows 10 Mobile is. It sounds easier than the reality of actual realization. Both systems have completely different approach in almost every single aspect.

Choosing the right technology to implement the app in was also very difficult task. When you do not know how you will implement something, you do not know which technology is the best for it. It gives you freedom on the one hand but trying several alternatives shortens your time in the second hand. It most important technological limitations are also the most hidden ones, and they are changing as tome goes. The hardest part was estimating how the chosen technology will be perspective after several years. You do not want to spend many years by developing something and then decide to reimplement it is something completely different. Choosing technologies is like paying a roulette. However, it looks like the bet was a good one.

Today, the update for the version for Windows was released. It brings three-column layout which makes much more sense on a wide desktop or tablet screen. The part of screen for reading an article was redesigned in a way that further reflects mobile version.

The most time consuming and painful part of development is behind us. Thank you for your patience, it had to be boring. New features were postponed for a very long time, and this is finally a moment when the work on them can start.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021