Feed Viewer is free for Ukrainian citizens

The unprovoked Russian front attack against Ukraine, which is an internationally recognized independent democratic country, is barbaric and inexcusable act of aggression. Russia has never known where its borders are. Russia invaded Ukraine already for the fourth time – in 1918, 1944 (don’t even think about the liberation narrative), 2014 and 2022. One in two Ukrainians died a violent death. Nowadays Russian troops are firing from guns on civilian cars and ambulances, launching missiles towards residential houses or performs large-scale cyber-attacks. Spreading of disinformation has been rapidly escalating and aims to fulfill not only with political, but even with military objectives.

According to people from the place, accurate information is as important as food. Therefore, Feed Viewer is free for Ukrainian citizens. This applies to all subscription tiers except the Premium.

Due to calls of the Government and the National Center for Cyber Security, Feed Viewer adopts a policy of active countermeasures against Russian war disinformation campaign.

Monday, February 28, 2022