Feed Viewer has refreshed interaction and offline experience

We have just released quite a big update. The effort was focused on three scenarios and in each of them we tried to make Feed Viewer as reliable as possible.

Morning reading in the transport

Mornings are usually busy and no one has a time to launch the app and wait until the synchronization is done. Although there are some subway lines with 4G connections in tunnels high quality connection is still rare. Feed Viewer does not need a connection when you want to read fresh articles. It keeps up to date while the phone is charging and you sleep. When you launch the app, the content is there.

Pick up what you want & throw away the rest

Consuming just few of articles in abundant feed wasn’t very comfortable in the past. With the latest release is possible to slide the headline tile to both sides. One side still means mark the headline as read while the other now moves the headline to Read later category. You can briefly go throw the whole feed, pick up what you want to read later and mark all items as read to clean up what is out of your focus.

Importing sources from Feedly without having to buy the Premium edition

You easily test our app with all your sources. There is no longer a limit for number of sources in the free version. The import is straightforward and takes several minutes to complete. You will receive a notification when it is done.

But that is not all. As always, most of the changes were made under the hood to keep the app fast and free of memory leaks.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017