Feed Viewer has faster synchronization

Feed Viewer is receiving a significant update which improves its usability and performance. Headlines downloading is much faster compared to previous version. There is a new category of headlines. You don’t have go to settings to view recently read headlines any more. The new category contains only read headlines from all sources. Feed search have been greatly improved. Searching is much faster and results contains additional details about articles frequency or feed popularity. It also contains an attention when the feed is a known for spreading fake news. There are more actions you can do even if you are offline. Unsubscribing, renaming or categorizing feeds is propagated to other devices during synchronization. Although the minimum supported Windows version is still 1507 refreshing the app when is closed requires at least the 1607 version.

The list of improvements is quite long but the cadence of new updates was also slower than usual. One important feature is not yet complete because of Windows 10 bug waiting for a fix by Microsoft. Unfortunately, the workaround is not possible in this case. This feature was the main goal for the current Feed Viewer version but all secondary improvements together were very significant to release the new version without it.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019